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The latest prototype of the mycelium  furniture designs, a three legged table base.  This piece is 21" tall and 21' wide with a tempered glass disc of 27".  This base is hemp fiber impregnated with the live mycelium placed in a form and then allowed to spawn, giving form to a  very solid and rigid, yet light weight structure.  It is plenty strong as each leg  has a 12" long piece of hardwood casted within to reinforce the leg and to accept a nailed in furniture glide.  With normal use this will last a lifetime, but if you decide that you are done with it just through it in the compost.  The raw materials were provided by Ecovative designs of Troy, NY.


04/06/2017 11:46pm

The latest prototype of the mycelium furniture designs is unique and fabulous.

04/10/2017 8:03pm

I have seen many styles of furnitures and those tables and chairs that are sold in the market are all classic and to find a blog that will talk about the furniture is quite so interesting because I love to see new things and to discover them is a new thing for me. I will try to search more about this and the latest prototype of furniture designs that are shown here are really new to my eyes.


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    Tom Sippel

    September 28, 2016

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