Toad Stool. Mycelium, not glue is the magic that holds this furniture together. I simply mixed together the wood shavings, hemp pulp and mushroon spawn. The material is placed in a form where the mycelium grows throughout the raw material binding it all together and filling the mold. A fwe days latter it is released from the mold and allowed to dry. what was loose worthless material is now solid and structural, not unlike particle board but much lighter. The seats are solid wood, salvaged cherry and pine and adhered by the same mycelium fibers.


10/12/2016 6:13pm

Nice new methods and materials! How did you hear about doing this?

Tom Sippel
10/13/2016 5:06am

My daughter's seventh grade project was about the start up company Ecovative Design. We went to visit the factory. They gave us material to experiment with and it grew from there. Ecovative supplies the raw mycelium hemp mix.

04/10/2017 8:15pm

Very Nice


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    Tom Sippel

    September 28, 2016